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Exercises to Boost Testosterone Levels

May 27th, 2014

Men who have low testosterone levels are at a greater chance of depression, heart disease and even dementia. Even though testosterone levels start to drop when a man is in his late 20s, there are certain exercises that can be combined with male hormone therapy to help increase testosterone levels the healthy way without having to worry about any potentially dangerous side effects.


Studies have shown that it’s possible to successfully increase testosterone levels by sprinting. In one instance individuals were able to significantly increase their testosterone levels through a series of very brief but intense six-second sprints. Not only that, but their testosterone levels remained high even after they have made a full recovery from their workout.

After lifting weights, you might want to try either performing sprints on the treadmill or sprinting in the comfort of your backyard or neighborhood block. It’s best that you sprint no longer than 15 seconds and that you completely recover after performing sprints, which might take anywhere from three to four times longer than the time you spent sprinting.

Heavy Weights

Rather than doing several repetitions with light weights, it’s better that you do a few repetitions with low weights. Effective heavy weight exercises include bench presses, deadlifts and squats. It’s recommended that you complete two or three body weight lifting workouts every week in order to successfully increase your testosterone levels.

Longer Rest Periods

Studies have shown that taking longer rest periods around 120 seconds between sets is better for your testosterone levels. Not to worry if you’ve been taking shorter rest periods up until this point since they are great for building growth hormones.

Rather than resting three minutes between sets, you’ll be better off switching activities while you’re resting. For example, you can either switch to exercises that don’t heavily utilize whatever muscles you just worked out, or you can do some stretching.

Forced Repetitions

For this particular exercise, you’ll need to have someone help you with your repetitions. With forced repetitions you’ll want to do as many weight lifting repetitions as possible and then have your partner help you with finishing one to five extra repetitions. Studies have shown that this is a great way to generate more testosterone than you could on your own.

One of the best ways to put this exercise in action is to complete a set of barbell squats before getting someone to help you to choose a weight that lets you complete five to six more repetitions on your own, but also requires someone to help you finish another three or four repetitions, which means that you complete a total of eight to ten repetitions. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to do forced reps every time that you workout.

Men who are in their late 30s and early 40s may want to combine Renew Man’s™ special hormone therapy with their workouts for the best results in boosting their testosterone levels.

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