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Essential Hormones for Better Aging in Knoxville TN

June 30th, 2018

Learn about the key hormones addressed by Renew Youth treatments

Have you ever wondered why, at a certain age, your body suddenly doesn’t respond the way it used to? You may find yourself steadily gaining weight—especially around your waistline—despite maintaining the same diet and exercise habits. You may find your skin getting dry and wrinkly, your hair getting brittle or falling out, your memory slipping, and your energy levels and sex drive flagging.

What’s going on?

Age-related hormone decline.

For women, age-related hormone decline triggers menopause, typically around age 50. Along with the cessation of their cycles, women will start to experience many other symptoms that make them feel “old.” For men, age-related hormone decline can begin as early as their 30s, though most men won’t notice symptoms until decades later.

No matter what age you may be right now, if you are suffering from age-related hormone decline Renew Youth can help. We offer safe and effective hormone replacement therapy in Knoxville TN that can restore balance to your hormones, which will not only help relieve menopause and andropause symptoms, but also offer protective benefits for your overall health and longevity.

The most important hormones we address in our hormone treatments in Knoxville TN are:

Testosterone: Testosterone is the feel-good hormone for men. Without it, men lose their zest for life and their ability to think fast, build muscle, and enjoy great sex. Women need a little bit of testosterone too.

Estrogen: Declining estrogen in women is responsible for many menopause symptoms and signs of aging. For example, without estrogen, you can’t make the collagen you need for firm, youthful-looking skin. Estrogen is also necessary for heart, bone, and brain health in women and men.

Progesterone: This hormone has a modulating effect on estrogen in women, helping to ensure estrogen is absorbed safely by the body. We always prescribe estrogen and progesterone together.

DHEA: DHEA is the most abundant sex hormone in the body. Healthy DHEA levels are a strong predictor for longevity, so it’s very important to boost DHEA when you’re getting hormone replacement in Knoxville TN.

Thyroid: When thyroid hormone levels are out of balance, your metabolism suffers. Thyroid is also important for regulating your entire endocrine system, meaning that if thyroid is not addressed, it will be difficult if not impossible to keep other hormones balanced.

Cortisol: The stress hormone cortisol can cause accelerated aging when present in high amounts. However, a little cortisol is necessary to keep your body functioning properly. We can offer adrenal fatigue therapy if you are not able to produce the small amounts of cortisol you need on a daily basis.

Growth Hormone: Growth hormone is responsible for cell repair and renewal through the body. Increasing this hormone with growth hormone stimulation treatments offers anti-aging benefits for every system in the body.

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