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Don’t Let These 6 Common Changes Limit Your Sex Life

January 28th, 2015

Research suggests men who have more sex may live longer.

As men age, their bodies begin to produce less testosterone. Considering that this is the most important male hormone responsible for many aspects of masculinity and sexuality, it should come as no surprise that declining testosterone can result in significant changes in sexual function. The most common changes include:

  • Reduction in sperm production
  • Difficulty achieving an erection quickly
  • Softer erections
  • Reduced ejaculation force
  • Longer recovery time between erections
  • Low sex drive

While the reproductive aspects of these sexual function changes may not be of much concern to men who have passed the point in life where they want to father children, issues like low sex drive and erectile dysfunction can be a serious concern.

The good news is that no man has to just accept age-related loss of sexual function. Instead, men can turn to the healthy aging experts at Renew Man™ for help restoring their youthful vigor, desire, and function.

Maintain Your Sexual Function for Your Health

Maintaining healthy sexual function your entire life isn’t just about sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Some studies have suggested that having a more sex (and more orgasms) can actually help improve longevity. Perhaps this is because sex releases hormones that help relieve stress, loneliness, and depression while also promoting intimacy and bonding between partners.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

At Renew Man™, we help men attack age-related sexual function problems from multiple angles, including:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: While replenishing low testosterone to a healthy level is an essential first step in improving sexual function and experience in older men, testosterone is not the only hormone to be considered. At Renew Man™, we also address other vital hormones in our treatment, including estrogen and prolactin. These two hormones may actually need to be reduced in order to restore sex drive.
  • Nutritional Advice: Because men with excess belly fat often have high estrogen levels, losing weight can be very helpful in eliminating the hormonal imbalance behind your symptoms. At Renew Man™, we have certified nutritionists on staff who can provide the advice you need to cut calories without losing out on essential nutrients needed for healthy aging.
  • Exercise Plans: Getting a healthy amount of exercise—but not overdoing it—can be very helpful in promoting healthy testosterone levels in the body. Exercise can also help improve blood flow which is good for sexual function. Our virtual personal trainers can provide the guidance you need to develop a fun and effective exercise plan suitable for your current fitness level.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatments: When hormone therapy and lifestyle changes have restored the desire for sex but not the ability to maintain an erection, we can offer treatment options like medications or penile injections to help men achieve lasting erections and enjoy sex.

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