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Does Menopause Affect Women in the Workplace?

July 24th, 2019

While there are more women than ever working in Fortune 500 companies, disproportionately few of them work at senior levels within these companies. There are many reasons for this inequality, but one is rarely talked about: Menopause.

U.K. Study Shows That 60% of Women Suffered in Their Jobs as a Result of Menopause Symptoms

A recent study done in the U.K. suggests that one reason women are not climbing as high in the ranks as men is because workplaces are ill-equipped to deal with menopause symptoms. While some women experience very few symptoms of menopause, others find it debilitating. In fact, 60% of the women surveyed said their careers suffered due to symptoms of menopause.

Women Do Not Feel Comfortable Talking About This Health Issue with Their Employers

According to the same study, 94% of women who went through menopause while working said that it impacted their jobs in some way. One of the issues they pointed to was not being able to take time off from work for menopause-related needs, even when medically necessary. Some reported that meeting with a healthy aging specialist is something they would be likely to lie about or skip altogether if it meant missing work.

Another Study Found Similar Results in the United States

A similar study done in the United States found that nearly three-quarters of women who were peri-menopausal reported hot flashes, and more than 60% said they felt tired regularly. Nearly half said they had low moods, issues concentrating, and problems with memory. Approximately one in three women aged 50 or older reported having turned down a promotion due to symptoms associated with menopause.

There Are Solutions to These Issues

What too many women don’t know is that suffering from symptoms of menopause—and allowing their careers to suffer as a consequence—is unnecessary. There are options and solutions. Hormone replacement therapy provides excellent results and helps women to recover from the various symptoms of menopause. This includes hot flashes, fatigue, brain fog, moodiness, and more.

What can employers do? For starters, they can foster an environment that encourages healthy lifestyle choices. More importantly, employers can provide their employees with the flexibility necessary to seek medical treatment.

We Can’t Solve Inequality in the Workplace, but We Can Help with Your Menopause Symptoms

Menopause may be a small part of why women aren’t adequately represented in executive positions, but it’s a reason we can do something about. You can age better and maintain your edge. Call Renew Youth today at (800) 859-7511 to find out how.

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