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Do You Need a Menopause Makeover?

April 29th, 2015

Many aspects of your life may need a makeover as you enter menopause.

For many women, the transition into menopause can come as a shock. While the main signal that menopause is approaching—namely missed and irregular periods—is pretty obvious, other signs are not. You may not even realize how your skin, hair, metabolism, mood, etc. are changing until suddenly a bunch of minor changes turns into a major identity crisis.

The good news is that it is possible to get through menopause in comfort and style, without losing sight of your youthful self. The key is admitting your body is changing, understanding those changes, and learning how to move forward in the healthiest, happiest possible way.

Embracing a “menopause makeover” in these 4 areas affected by menopause symptoms will help you maintain your self-confidence and health during menopause and beyond.

Skin Care

For healthy skin, you need collagen for elasticity and volume and natural oils for moisture. Unfortunately, as menopause approaches you will have less and less of these vital ingredients. To prevent wrinkles and sagging, you’ll need to give your skincare routine a makeover. Try Renew Woman’s™ anti aging skin cream to help boost collagen production right where you need it most, or our hormone therapy to help restore the healthy levels of estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid needed for beautiful skin.


Many women experience changes in the texture of their hair during menopause, and some may even begin losing their hair. One way to deal with these issues is to change your hairstyle to a shorter cut that hides your new shortcomings rather than highlighting them. Another option is to regrow hair using Renew Woman’s™ hair loss treatment options.


Weight gain during menopause may mean that your old wardrobe no longer fits, and hot flashes may mean your old clothes aren’t comfortable anyway. While both of these menopause symptoms can be successfully managed using hormone replacement therapy, you can find relief right now with a wardrobe makeover. Get yourself some new duds that flatter your changing figure, and don’t forget to incorporate lots of easy layers to help you manage your body temperature during those hot flashes.

Diet & Fitness

The hormonal changes that occur during menopause affect your metabolism, which means you can’t eat like a kid anymore. You will need to change your diet and your activity level in order to fight menopausal weight gain. Our certified nutritionists can help you give your diet plan a makeover to support weight loss as well as to incorporate the vital nutrients your changing body needs. And our virtual personal trainers can help you create a workout routine that not only burns calories but also helps support muscle and bone density.

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