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Diabetes and ED

February 24th, 2015

Renew Man™ offers expert ED treatment options for diabetic men.

Did you know there is a strong correlation between diabetes and ED? According to some estimates half of all men with diabetes will experience ED within 10 years of their diagnosis. For the most effective relief from this type of ED, it is essential to consult an experienced men’s health expert such as Renew Man™ for ED treatment options.

How Diabetes Causes ED

Diabetic men often suffer a three-fold attack on their sexual potency:

First of all, low testosterone levels predict insulin resistance and incident type 2 diabetes in older men. In other words, older diabetic men often have low T. This deficiency in the vital male hormone can contribute to ED in any man. Without healthy testosterone, the brain cannot send and receive the signals necessary for arousal to and from the penis. And without this desire, a healthy erection simply will not be achieved.

Secondly, the elevated blood glucose levels that characterize diabetes can cause blood vessel and nerve damage to many parts of the body, including the penis. If diabetes is not well controlled, this effect will be worsened. In fact, in many cases ED is the first symptom men with undiagnosed diabetes notice and it is the impetus for them to see their doctor and get diagnosed.

Finally, diabetic men are often prescribed medications to lower their blood pressure. Many of the medications commonly used for this purpose, including some diuretics and beta blockers, are known to cause ED.

How Renew Man™ Can Help

At Renew Man™, we specialize in helping men just like you recover healthy sexual desire and function with a number of different treatment options.

First of all, we can target the sexual desire component of the equation with testosterone replacement therapy. This helps improve sensitivity and arousal, which are essential for a healthy erection. Plus, healthy testosterone levels have been shown to help men achieve better glycemic control, which may help reduce reliance on ED-causing medications. You can rely on the experts at Renew Man™ to make sure you are getting the exact right amount of testosterone to improve your ED symptoms without presenting side effects or dangers to your health.

If testosterone replacement therapy (in connection with other treatments designed to restore a healthy hormonal balance) is not effective in relieving your ED, we can offer other ED treatment options. This includes prescription medications as well as penile injections.

Remember, every man is different and needs an individualized ED treatment plan. Get yours by scheduling an appointment with a Renew Man™ doctor today.

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