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Diabetes and Hormone Replacement Therapy

June 21st, 2016

Unbalanced hormones will wreak havoc with your blood sugar. Hormone replacement therapy can help.

Did you know that your risk for diabetes becomes greater after menopause? Here’s how it works:

Estrogen drops: Estrogen—and specifically the form of estrogen known as estradiol—is actually a very important hormone for blood sugar control. At healthy levels, estradiol improves blood sugar metabolism to help prevent your levels from getting too high. As estrogen levels decline during menopause, you lose this important benefit of estradiol and you will be more vulnerable to developing the high blood sugar levels that characterize prediabetes or even diabetes.

You gain weight: Being overweight is a well-known risk factor for diabetes. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to gain weight after menopause. Not only has your metabolism slowed down, your body will also be incentivized to store calories as fat because fat cells can produce estrogen and replace some of the hormones your ovaries are no longer supplying.

You sleep less: Quality sleep is very important for blood sugar control. If you aren’t sleeping because of hot flashes, anxiety, or other menopause-related sleep issues, this will make it even more likely you could develop high blood sugar.

Given that blood sugar control does have a hormonal component, allowing your hormones to remain unbalanced in menopause and beyond can be very bad for your health. If your blood sugar remains too high for too long, it will harden your blood vessels, causing problems like:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Kidney disease
  • Weakened immune system
  • Vision loss
  • Poor circulation
  • Nerve damage

Balance Your Hormones to Protect Your Health

The good news is, you can conquer all your menopause symptoms and prime your body for improved blood sugar control with hormone replacement therapy.

At Renew Woman™, we offer safe and effective hormone replacement therapy designed to bring all your vital hormones—including estrogen—to healthy levels. Our therapy is based on detailed lab tests of your hormone levels, which allows us to create a personalized treatment program with dosages tailored to your specific numbers and symptoms. Our hormone therapy includes many safeguards such as the exclusive use of bioidentical hormones and the inclusion of progesterone in all estrogen treatments to protect you against side effects.

With your hormones at healthy levels, not only will you have enough estrogen to help with blood sugar metabolism; you’ll also find it easier to lose weight and enjoy restful sleep.

We encourage you to get your blood sugar tested regularly. If your numbers are high, contact Renew Woman™ to learn more about how our hormone replacement therapy can help you prevent or reverse prediabetes or manage your diabetes better.

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