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Convenient Hormone Treatment in Oklahoma City

May 23rd, 2019

Renew Youth makes balancing your hormones easy with self-administered treatments

Menopause and andropause symptoms can be inconvenient to say the least. You might find that brain fog is interfering with your performance at work, irritability is hurting your social life, and low sex drive is stressing your marriage. You may also be worried about your appearance due to weight gain, hair loss, or skin changes.

Unfortunately, many people end up just living with these unpleasant symptoms because they think getting treatment is too much trouble.

Don’t let this be you!

At Renew Youth, we offer a simple, convenient, and effective way to treat your menopause or andropause symptoms without putting your health at risk or making you a slave to doctor’s appointments.

At-Home Hormone Therapy in Oklahoma City

There’s no need to visit the doctor for weekly or monthly treatments when you choose Renew Youth. Instead, treatment starts with a simple set of lab tests. Then, you meet with your Renew Youth doctor to discuss your symptoms and develop your personalized treatment plan. Your doctor will include measures to restore balance to all the hormones that may be affecting your symptoms: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenalone, thyroid, cortisol, and even growth hormone if needed. You’ll receive instructions on how to administer your treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

For men, the core of our hormone therapy in Oklahoma City is self-administered testosterone injections. This treatment is both convenient and safer than other testosterone administration methods. Simply inject the pre-measured dose of testosterone into muscle tissue—typically your thigh—twice per week. The hormone will pool there and be released in a slow, steady, and natural way into your bloodstream. Testosterone injections make it easy to get the precise dose of testosterone you need, and testosterone administered in this way is less likely to convert to DHT, a stronger form of the hormone that can cause side effects.

For women, the core of our hormone therapy in Oklahoma City will often include a topical estrogen cream that can be applied at home. We use a compounding pharmacy to mix our estrogen cream, which allows us to include two forms of estrogen. This “Biest” formula is gentler and safer for women. We always pair estrogen treatment with progesterone replacement for your safety. Progesterone helps to moderate the effects of estrogen and protect against cancer.

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