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Causes of Low Energy in Men

November 24th, 2015

Men can recover their youthful energy and zest for life with help from Renew Man™

Have you noticed yourself “slowing down” as you age? This kind of tired, diminished feeling is not something you should just accept. After all, low energy—whether it’s physical or mental—can detract from your quality of life, affecting not only your health but also your relationships and your career.

Here are some of the most common causes of low energy in men:

  • Poor Sleep Quality: If you are not getting enough sleep, you are not going to feel ready to tackle the day ahead of you.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Although exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you feel like you have no energy, your lack of activity could reinforce the problem.
  • Unhealthy Diet: The typical American diet is high in sugars, carbs, and processed foods. These foods can lead to an overabundance of “bad” gut bacteria, which can intensify cravings for unhealthy foods and prevent “good” bacteria from helping you convert food into energy.
  • Stress: After prolonged periods of stress, your adrenal glands can wear out, which will prevent your body from producing the small amount of cortisol you need to feel good.
  • Low Testosterone: Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, creating hormone imbalances that make men feel sluggish, both physically and mentally.

What Can You Do About Low Energy?

Assuming you are generally in good health, your next step in the fight against fatigue should be to contact Renew Man™. We can help with the five causes of low energy discussed in this article:

  • We can provide hormone replacement therapy to restore healthy levels of testosterone and restore your youthful zest for life
  • We can provide treatment for adrenal fatigue to help rejuvenate your adrenal glands
  • We can offer advice on eating a healthy diet, and provide supplement recommendations.
  • We can offer virtual personal training to help you get active
  • We can also fight common causes of sleep problems including depression, insomnia, night sweats, and anxiety with hormone replacement therapy

To learn more about how Renew Man™ can support your efforts to change your life and become more active, energized, and engaged, please contact us at 800-859-7511.

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