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Boron: The Trace Element No One Talks About

April 6th, 2022

Trace elements are vital for your health and wellbeing. But humans only need them in extremely small amounts. Nutrients like iron, copper, selenium, and fluoride are examples of trace elements that are likely familiar to you.

Boron, on the other hand, may be less familiar. And yet…this particular trace element is critical for everything from oral health to wound healing and immune system function.

What is Boron?

Boron is what’s known as a metalloid element. It can be found in compounds such as borax and orthoboric acid and is used to make products ranging from fiberglass to fertilizer. Some forms of boron are even used as neutron absorbers to control nuclear reactors.

But why is boron so necessary for your health?

Benefits of Boron

Boron provides several important health benefits, including:

  1. Faster Wound Healing
    Boron activates cells called fibroblasts within your skin and other tissues that facilitate healing. Studies have shown that a 3% boron solution can reduce healing time by as much as two-thirds.
  2. Better Trace Element Absorption
    Magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus are other important trace elements for good health. Boron helps your body to absorb and utilize these other trace elements more effectively.
  3. Reduced Inflammation
    Your immune system uses cytokines to produce inflammation. However, an over-production of cytokines can result in conditions that are caused by excess inflammation, such as breast and lung cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Boron suppresses cytokine activity and limits this kind of destructive, long-term inflammation.
  4. Bone Health and Healing
    Boron stimulates osteoblasts…the cells responsible for creating new bone tissue…thereby helping to promote bone health and the repair of damaged bone.
  5. Tooth and Gum Health
    Oral health plays an important role in your overall health. Boron promotes better oral health by reducing inflammation in your mouth (particularly around the gums) and by promoting bone health around your teeth.
  6. Healthy Vitamin D Levels
    Vitamin D is essential for good health. Research shows that boron prolongs the amount of time vitamin D stays in your body, thereby protecting you from vitamin D deficiency.
  7. Testosterone Balance
    Studies have shown that boron increases the metabolism of total testosterone to free testosterone by reducing levels of sex hormone binding globulin. The result is higher free testosterone levels.
  8. Brain Health
    Boron deficiency has been linked to reduced brain activity, shorter attention span, poor short-term memory, and impaired coordination.
  9. Elimination of Kidney Stones
    Kidney stones are crystalline growths that can form in the kidneys. In some cases, they can grow large enough to cause severe pain, blood in the urine, and vomiting. Boron may help to flush kidney stones out of the body when paired with antioxidants.
  10. Relief from Arthritis
    The anti-inflammatory properties of boron may make it an effective treatment for arthritis. Studies have shown that people who suffer from arthritis have lower boron concentrations in their joints than people who do not.

How Much Boron Do You Need?

Again, because boron is a trace element your body only needs a small amount each day to stay healthy.

There is no official minimum dietary requirement for boron because it isn’t classified as an “essential” trace element. But most experts agree that adults should consume boron at 1-13mg per day for good general health.

Good dietary sources for boron include:

  • Prune juice (1.43mg/serving)
  • Raw avocado (1.07mg/serving)
  • Raisins (0.97mg/serving)
  • Peaches (0.8mg/serving)

Wine, cider, and beer are also good sources of boron.

If your diet isn’t rich in fruits and vegetables (or wine and beer for that matter), you might consider a daily boron supplement. According to experts, taking 1-12mg of boron per day as a supplement poses no risks for adverse effects.

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