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BHRT…the Gift That Keeps on Giving

December 3rd, 2021

The holiday season is here. And no matter what your family’s traditions are, they probably include gifts.

Think of all the presents you’ve ever received…or given. Obviously, some were better than others. But the best presents weren’t just useful for a day or even a week. The benefits lasted for much longer.

There’s one present we can think of that you or the person you give it to will enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy…or BHRT for short.

Why is BHRT such a good present? And not just during the holidays…but every day?

Reason #1: Hormones Are Important

Hormones control virtually every important process in your body. Everything from your metabolism to your emotional health.

When hormones aren’t properly balanced…your health suffers.

Restoring hormones to their healthy levels can benefit you or someone you care about, including:

  • Women who are approaching or who are in menopause
  • Men who have low testosterone
  • Women who have undergone a hysterectomy
  • Men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction
  • Men and women who have struggled with stress

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Reason #2: BHRT Helps You Physically

With age, it’s easy to feel like your body is breaking down. You lack energy. Your weight creeps up…no matter how careful you are about your diet.

Frequently these issues are caused by diminished hormone production. Hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone are critical to cell maintenance and replacement. They also help support muscle mass and bone density.

Properly executed BHRT leads to healthy hormone levels, which helps your body to repair and replace cells as they wear out.

Reason #3: BHRT Helps You Mentally

Brain fog. Loss of mental acuity. Memory loss.

Inescapable signs of getting older? Actually, they’re frequently caused by declining hormone levels.

A loss of important hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid can inhibit the neurotransmitters that facilitate memory and thought processing. And increased cortisol levels due to ongoing stress can damage brain cells in the long run.

Keeping hormones balanced through BHRT can help you retain your mental acuity and avoid memory loss.

Reason #4: BHRT Helps You Emotionally

Chronic irritability, depression, and anxiety in men can be caused by diminished testosterone levels as well as imbalances in other hormones such as estrogen, thyroid, DHEA, and cortisol.

Reduced levels of estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and other hormones before and during menopause can cause women to experience mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

These debilitating emotional challenges can be mitigated or avoided when hormone levels are supported through properly supervised BHRT.

Reason #5: BHRT is Natural

Synthetic hormones aren’t exact copies of the hormones they’re designed to replace. This matters because the slight differences between synthetic hormones and the hormones your body produces naturally impact how synthetic hormones work in your body. And not for the better.

In contrast, bioidentical hormones are precisely what the name implies. They are an exact carbon copy of what your body would produce naturally on its own, making them safe and effective when it comes to symptom relief and overall health.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Healthy New Year with BHRT

Want to give yourself…or a loved one…the gift of hormone health? At Renew Youth we’re here to help.

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