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Beyond Testosterone: We Treat All Vital Hormones Affecting Male Aging

April 28th, 2014

Beating andropause requires balancing all relevant male hormones, not just raising testosterone levels

Low testosterone so often mentioned in conjunction with andropause that you might think testosterone is the only hormone affecting the way you look and feel as you age. However, this is simply not true. Numerous other hormones also go into decline as men age, creating a complex interplay of symptoms that are different for every man. At Renew Man™, we take balanced approach to treating andropause, testing your levels of all hormones relevant to male aging and bringing them into a healthy balance like you had when you were young. Here are the main hormones we work on and how they affect your manhood.

Testosterone: Testosterone is of course the number one male hormone, responsible for all the things that make a man feel like a man, such as a trim, muscular physique, a full head of hair, a sharp mind, and a thriving sex drive. When testosterone levels decline, men begin to find it more difficult to stay fit and trim, remain mentally sharp, or satisfy their partners sexually. Fortunately, Renew Man™ can raise testosterone to healthy levels with bioidentical hormone therapy.

Estrogen: Men actually need small amounts of estrogen in their bodies in order to promote healthy brain and heart function and maintain strong bones. However, as testosterone levels drop, estrogen may begin to be overproduced, causing serious health issues including risk of prostate cancer. Estrogen levels must be controlled during any safe hormone replacement therapy protocol.

DHEA: You’ve probably never heard of DHEA, but this sex hormone is actually more important than testosterone in a sense—your body can’t make its own testosterone without DHEA. By bringing DHEA up to healthy levels with hormone therapy, we can support your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone as well as help relieve sexual performance-related symptoms.

Thyroid: This hormone is essential for the healthy regulation of your metabolism and of all other hormones in the body. At Renew Man™, we test for and treat both of the vital forms of thyroid hormone, T3 and T4. Most doctors only treat T4 which doesn’t necessarily provide relief if your body is unable to convert T4 into T3 on its own.

Cortisol: Addressing cortisol levels as part of your hormone therapy is essential because excessive cortisol can cause premature aging and even certain chronic illnesses. Plus, if you overproduce cortisol for too long, you will eventually be unable to produce even the small amount your body needs on a daily basis, creating other complications. Renew Man™ always addresses cortisol in our treatment of andropause.

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