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Better Aging Benefits of the B Vitamins

August 11th, 2016

Learn how each of the eight B Vitamins can help support better aging.

The main role of the B Vitamins is to keep our bodies fueled and functioning optimally. However, each of the eight B Vitamins also has some specific better aging benefits.

B1 (Thiamine): Sometimes called the anti-stress vitamin, Thiamine protects the immune system and helps the body make new cells, thereby helping to fight premature aging as well as many illnesses commonly associated with aging.

B2 (Riboflavin): Cell-damaging free radicals play a big role in aging. B2 is a good antioxidant, capable of neutralizing free radicals and protecting cells from premature aging. Riboflavin is also important for red blood cell production and can help to prevent heart disease.

B3 (Niacin): This B Vitamin helps to boost levels of HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). The better your cholesterol numbers, the lower your risk of heart disease.

B5 (Pantothenic Acid): Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the production of sex-related hormones, including testosterone. Both men and women need testosterone for a healthy sex drive as they age. Some studies have shown that B5 can even help reduce signs of skin aging.

B6 (Pyridoxine): With B12 and B9, B6 helps regulate homocysteine, an amino acid associated with heart disease. B6 can also help fight stress and inflammation—two factors commonly associated with premature aging.

B7 (Biotin): Thinning hair, drier skin, and weaker nails are all common signs of aging. Biotin can help promote healthy skin, hair, and nails for a younger look.

B9 (Folate): Though folate is most often associated with preventing neurological birth defects, it is also important for protecting brain health in adulthood. Studies have shown that folate can even prevent depression and memory loss.

B12 (Cobalamin): This B Vitamin is needed for cellular metabolism and DNA replication. In other words, it is vital to your body’s ability to renew itself. Low B12 can accelerate signs of aging like hair loss, vision changes, and skin changes.

Are You Getting Enough of the B Vitamins?

Most people don’t get enough of the B Vitamins from food. We have solutions for that. Renew Youth™ offers a high-quality B-Complex supplement, a Folate supplement, as well as numerous B Vitamin “cocktails” available by injection. Just ask us for more details.

Don’t Forget Your Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids play an essential role in helping B Vitamins to protect your brain from illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. In one recent study, individuals with mild cognitive decline were given either B Vitamins and an Omega-3 supplement, or B Vitamins and a placebo. Those taking the placebo showed little to no preventative benefit from the B Vitamins. Those who took Omega-3s with their B Vitamins scored better on cognition and memory tests.

You can get more Omega-3s into your diet by using a high quality supplement such as Renew Youth’s™ Omega-3s from Krill Oil.

If you have any questions about our nutritional supplements, or you would like to place an order, please call 800-859-7511.

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