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Are You Surprised by Any of These 5 Menopause Facts?

October 5th, 2019

Though all women will go through menopause eventually, there are some interesting facts about this transitional time in life that you may not know. At Renew Youth, we work to relieve women’s menopause symptoms while also providing information. Read on to find out about five menopause facts that may surprise you.

  1. Menopause Isn’t Really a Specific Point in Time
  2. Menopause is strictly defined as not having had a period for a full year. But when you think about it, doesn’t this definition seem a bit arbitrary? Menopause is better described as a transition that takes place over many years. The reality is that most women will spend several years in perimenopause. During this time, hormone levels and cycles are beginning to change, and symptoms begin to appear. Eventually periods will stop completely; but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing from that point on. Most women will continue to have symptoms for at least a few more years, and many women will continue to have symptoms indefinitely—nevermind the health implications that come from being hormone deficient.

  3. Hot Flashes Have Triggers
  4. Hot flashes are a classic symptom of perimenopause and menopause. Nearly 80% of perimenopausal women will experience hot flashes, while 65% of post-menopausal women will experience them. It may seem there is nothing to be done about hot flashes, but there are triggers that women can avoid. For example, women who drink hot beverages, consume a lot of caffeine, or don’t get enough sleep are much more likely to have hot flashes. Likewise, hot rooms, tight clothing, and spicy foods can trigger them. Women who avoid these triggers may see a reduction in hot flashes. For the rest, hormone replacement therapy can eliminate them completely.

  5. You Do Not Have to Give Up Sex
  6. One of the most unfortunate misconceptions about menopause is that it means an end to a satisfying sex life. This does not have to be the case. Yes, the hormone deficiences that occur before and after menopause can lead to vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, lower sex drive, and other sexual issues. But restoring hormones to healthy levels provides relief, and can save the day where your sex life is concerned.

  7. Pregnancy Is Still a Possibility
  8. While the chances are definitely lower, pregnancy can still happen during perimenopause. If you’re having sex and you do not want to become pregnant, use birth control until your periods have completely stopped for at least a year.

  9. Menopause Can Affect Your Entire Body
  10. Yes, menopause takes a toll on the reproductive system, but that isn’t the only part of a woman’s body that is affected. Women have estrogen and progesterone receptors all over their bodies. As a consequence, a reduction in estrogen and progesterone can affect metabolism, appetite, energy, sleep, mood—and just about any other aspect of a woman’s physiology you might think of. This is why imblances in these hormones can cause such an array of symptoms, and why the implications for overall health can be so far-reaching.

When you work with Renew Youth, we’ll develop a treatment plan for your specific needs aimed at alleviating your menopause symptoms. Call us at (800) 859-7511 to learn more about how we can help you can get your life back.

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