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Are New Vaginal “Health” Products Good for Women?

August 16th, 2019

The marketplace for products geared toward vaginal care has increased to where the segment is now considered one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019. While many companies marketing these solutions do so under the guise of empowering women, are these products actually healthy for women? For the most part, the answer is no. In fact, in some cases these products can even be harmful.

The plain truth is that most of these products are aiming to address “problems” that aren’t really problems at all. Furthermore, for women who are having real issues like vaginal dryness and atrophy, the answer will not be found in a pretty package at the local drug store.

Examples of Vaginal Health Products Recently Released to the Market

Some recently released products are just reiterations of products that have been around for years, while others claim to be “new and improved.” Examples include moisturizing creams, spritzes to “freshen up,” wipes to prevent odor, and the ever-popular but long debunked douche. Though marketed as self-care, many of these products can actually do more damage than they do good.

Old Products with a New Marketing Spin

It was more than a decade ago that Summer’s Eve, a then-popular manufacturer of douches, drew criticism for its marketing tactics. At the time, the company attempted to convince women that “intimate care” products were necessary to stay clean and healthy—a message that is fundamentally false. Today’s brands use different marketing tactics, often with flashy packaging. Unfortunately, their marketing message is essentially unchanged, and continues to mislead. More recent tactics include adding words like “natural” and “organic” within advertising, in an attempt to convince women that these products are safe to use.

If There Are Notable Issues, Likely There is a Medical Explanation

If a woman experiences excess odor or discharge, a beauty product is not what she needs–she likely needs medical attention. When healthy, the vagina is self-cleaning and has a unique pH balance. If left alone, no strong odor should be present, and no special cleansing products are necessary.

Likewise, when women are experiencing vaginal dryness and atrophy, this is almost always symptomatic of an estrogen deficiency. While over-the-counter lubricants and creams may provide some short-term relief, they will do nothing for the underlying cause. What women need to combat age-related vaginal health issues like dryness and atrophy is estrogen replacement therapy. Severe cases may benefit from vaginally applied estriol. At Renew Youth, we have the solutions that are right for you. Call us at (800) 859-7511 for a free consultation.

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