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7 Ways to Fight Fatigue

June 19th, 2017

Simple tips for fighting fatigue and enjoying more energy as you age

Feeling tired at the end of a long day or a busy week is normal. But if you can’t bounce back after getting some rest, or if fatigue is causing daily distress in your personal and professional life, it’s time to make some changes in your life.

Fatigue can be caused by a whole variety of issues, some of which are easier to correct than others. For starters, we recommend trying one or more of these 7 simple tips:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can cause lethargy. Fortunately this is a very easy fix—simply start drinking more water and less soda and caffeinated beverages, which are diuretics and can cause dehydration.
  2. Change your Diet: Food is fuel, and if you’re not getting the right fuel from your diet, naturally you will begin to feel fatigued. Try cutting back on sugar to avoid the feeling of a “crash” after the quick energy from sugary foods is burned up. Focus on protein and complex carbs for steady energy, and try eating a protein-rich snack every few hours. You may also want to get tested for diabetes, which can cause fatigue by preventing cells from getting the energy they need.
  3. Supplement Magnesium: Fatigue is a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. While magnesium is abundant in foods like almonds, pinto beans, and spinach, most people don’t get enough magnesium from their diet alone. Try taking a quality magnesium supplement to bring your levels up.
  4. Supplement B12: B vitamins in general are important for energy. Due to age-related changes in how the stomach absorbs B12, older adults need to consume more of this vitamin in order to stay healthy. B12 is available as an oral supplement as well as part of our injectable nutrient program.
  5. Get More Sleep: Obviously, not getting enough sleep is going to make you feel tired. But if you aren’t getting good quality sleep, you may still feel tired even after clocking 7-8 hours of shuteye. To improve your sleep quality, try restoring your natural circadian rhythms by giving up caffeine, TV, and digital devices before bed and going to bed at the same time each night. You may also want to get tested for sleep apnea.
  6. Exercise: Physical activity can improve your metabolism, promote healthy sleep, and help fight fatigue. Research has shown that as little as 20 minutes of cardio exercise three times per week can be effective in reducing fatigue.
  7. Balance Your Hormones: If the previous tips aren’t working for you, it’s possible your fatigue has a hormonal cause. When men’s testosterone starts to decline at andropause and women’s estrogen declines at menopause, this can trigger other hormonal changes that affect your metabolism, your sleep, and your energy levels. At Renew Youth, we offer safe and effective treatments to help bring all your vital hormones back into balance. This includes measures to address low thyroid and adrenal fatigue, both of which can make andropause or menopause related fatigue worse.

To learn more about how Renew Youth can help you conquer fatigue, please contact us at 800-859-7511 today.

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