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5 Reasons Not to Take Testosterone Supplements

July 18th, 2014

Taking over-the-counter testosterone supplements puts your health at risk.

The increase in Low T awareness in recent years is something of a two-edged sword. It is certainly beneficial for more men and their partners to be aware of the reality of age-related hormonal decline, its symptoms, and available treatments. However, the moment they feel the least bit lethargic, lumpy, or limp, many men now leap to the conclusion that they have low testosterone and attempt to self-medicate using over-the-counter testosterone supplements. This practice is not likely to give the desired result and can often be dangerous.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not take over-the-counter testosterone supplements but instead turn to a qualified doctor for diagnosis and treatment of Low T.

  1. You Might Not Need Testosterone. The biggest reason not to just run to the supplement aisle at the first sign of an andropause symptom is the simple fact that you may not have Low T at all. Symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and reduced sex drive can have a variety of causes, and can often be addressed with simple lifestyle changes. Before you take any kind of testosterone replacement, you need to get professional lab testing to confirm whether or not your testosterone has actually dipped to an unhealthy level.
  2. You Need a Tailored Dose. Another reason not to rely on supplements to boost testosterone is that supplements do not provide the ability to tailor the dosage to your unique needs. This could result in you not getting enough testosterone to actually reach healthy levels, or in you getting too much testosterone which will cause its own symptoms.
  3. Your Body Needs Small, Frequent Doses of Testosterone. Taking testosterone orally is not the most effective way to deliver this vital hormone. Injections are much better, because they allow the testosterone to pool in the tissue and get released slowly over time rather than in one big dose. This mimics the way your body is used to receiving its own natural testosterone.
  4. You Can’t Treat Testosterone in a Vacuum. Often, Low T is just one aspect of the hormonal imbalance that is contributing to your andropause symptoms. If you want to feel your best, you need to address all vital hormones, not just testosterone. You may also need to incorporate changes to your diet and lifestyle into your treatment program.
  5. You Risk Dangerous Side Effects. Self-medicating with testosterone supplements can be dangerous for several reasons. The biggest problem is probably the risk of testosterone converting to estrogen, which can result in increased risk of prostate cancer. Another problem is the risk of fertility issues when testosterone is replaced without consideration for testicular stimulation.

Why would you put your health and well-being at risk by taking testosterone supplements when Renew Man™ offers a safe, effective, and discreet way to treat Low T? Simply contact us today to connect with an experienced physician in your local area who can provide the quality lab testing and hormone treatments you may need to feel better.

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