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5 Questions to Ask About Your ED Symptoms

April 27th, 2015

Ask yourself these questions to help pinpoint the causes of your ED symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a lot more common than you might think. According to one study, 40 percent of men have trouble in the bedroom by age 40, and 70 percent will have ED symptoms by age 70.

The good news is that ED is treatable. At Renew Man™, we offer a variety of treatment options to help men get their mojo back. When seeking treatment for ED, is it very important to uncover all the possible contributing factors. That way, you can ensure your treatment will include all appropriate measures and deliver maximum results.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself about your symptoms that will help you uncover the causes of your ED.

Is Your Weight a Factor? Obesity is considered a risk factor for ED because being significantly overweight often brings a host of medical problems that can affect sexual performance. Overweight men often have issues with low testosterone and high blood pressure, both of which can affect erections.

Do You Smoke? Chemicals found in cigarette smoke can damage blood vessels and restrict the flow of blood. Naturally this means that smoking can work against your efforts to achieve healthy erections.

How Much Do You Drink? According to the Mayo Clinic, one to two drinks per day may be good for your heart, but overindulging can be very bad for your love life. Alcohol is a nervous system depressant that blocks nerve impulses. This can interfere with the signals that should be getting sent between the penis and the brain during arousal. Alcohol also prevents blood vessels in the penis from closing which can cause you to lose an erection.

Are You Stressed? Sometimes, ED can have a mental or emotional component as well as or in place of a physical problem. Chronic stress and anxiety can both take a toll on your sex life.

Do You Have Other Andropause Symptoms? Even if you are a young man, your ED could have a hormonal cause. Andropause, or age-related hormonal decline, can affect men as early as their 30s. If you are experiencing other common andropause symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, memory problems, or weight gain in addition to ED, it is highly likely your performance issues have a hormonal component. By balancing your hormones with Renew Man™, you can restore your sex drive. For many men, this naturally leads to better erections.

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