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4 Ways to Protect Your Heart Health as You Age

January 26th, 2015

Improve your lifestyle and balance your hormones for better heart health.

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death for American men? Fortunately, you can protect your heart and reduce your risk with help from Renew Man™. Here are the 4 main changes you need to make, the sooner the better.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health in many ways, and it is established as a direct contributor to 30 percent of heart disease deaths each year. One of the reasons smoking is harmful to your heart health is that the toxins in cigarette smoke lower “good” cholesterol while raising “bad” cholesterol. This results in hardening of the arteries. Smoking can also present life-threatening risks to individuals who have hypertension.

Eat Right

The more saturated fats and trans fats you have in your diet, the more “bad” cholesterol you will have and the higher your risk of developing arterial plaque buildup that can increase the likelihood of heart disease and stroke. However, you need to be careful not to cut out fats entirely—unsaturated fats like olive oil and nuts are actually good for your heart and vital for metabolizing certain important vitamins. Eating more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables while keeping your portion sizes under control will also help protect your heart health.

Exercise Daily

By getting just 30 minutes of exercise per day, you can help support your heart health and reduce your risk of heart disease. Remember, the exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous and you don’t have to do it all at once to derive a heart-healthy benefit. Fit in your exercise whenever you can, perhaps by taking a 10 minute walk three times per day.

Balance Your Hormones

Contrary to what many people mistakenly believe, testosterone replacement therapy for men does not present risks for your heart health. Quite the opposite: quality hormone therapy that raises testosterone to healthy levels and includes control of estrogen and hematocrit levels can actually decrease the risk of heart trouble in aging men. Numerous studies from the past 30+ years have confirmed this, and you can see a summary of some relevant findings here.

For help maintaining a heart-healthy hormone balance, you can turn to Renew Man™. We have a detailed understanding of the link between hormones and men’s heart heath. We can offer you personalized, science-backed treatments designed to safely balance your testosterone, estrogen, and other vital hormones and protect your heart as you age.

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