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What is a Peptide?

August 21st, 2015

Learn what peptides are and how they can help you look and feel younger.

If you’re familiar with the term andropause, you probably already know that many signs of male aging can be traced back to hormonal imbalance. For most men, the main culprit is low testosterone. But some men may also suffer from adult growth hormone deficiency, a condition that interferes with cell growth and cell repair. When this is the case, treatment with peptides can help reverse your symptoms in a safe and natural way.

What do Peptides Have to do with Growth Hormone?

Broadly defined, a peptide is any compound consisting of less than 50 linked amino acids. Different types of peptides perform different functions in the body. The ones we are concerned about are peptide hormones, specifically sermorelin, GHRP-2, and GHRP-6.

Sometimes also called “releasing factors” or “secretagogues,” these peptides can stimulate different receptors in the pituitary, causing it to produce growth hormone. With healthy levels of growth hormone, the body is able to complete important cell growth and cell repair tasks quickly and effectively, just like it did when you were younger.

Benefits of Healthy Growth Hormone

  • Skin—Increased elasticity, texture, and tightness, particularly in the face.
  • Energy—Increased energy and emotional stability.
  • Bone—Improved bone strength and mass.
  • Libido—Increased sex drive.
  • Muscle—Increased muscle strength and mass.
  • Fat—Decreased body fat, particularly in the abdomen.
  • Healing—Shorter recovery time from injuries and exercise.
  • Memory—Enhanced brain function and growth of neuron dendrites.
  • Heart—Improved cardiovascular strength and lowered blood pressure.
  • Kidney—Improved kidney function.
  • Immune System—Improved immunity and healing.
  • Hair—Improved hair texture.
  • Cholesterol—Elevated HDL (good cholesterol) and lowered LDL (bad cholesterol).
  • Mental Health—Increased emotional stability and sense of wellbeing.
  • Metabolism—Increased metabolism and greater ability to control weight.
  • Stress—Increased protection from the ravages of stress and cortisol.

Why Use Peptides Rather than Replacing Growth Hormone Directly?

In young men, the pituitary gland releases episodic doses of growth hormone in response to various triggers. By using peptides to rejuvenate the pituitary and encourage it to release its own growth hormone, we can recreate this youthful function in a highly natural way. This is why we recommend peptides as a first step in treating Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. However, if your pituitary is too worn out, it might not be able to produce enough growth hormone even with peptide stimulation. If this is the case, we can then move on to replacing growth hormone directly.

Learn More from a Renew Man™ Doctor

At Renew Man™, all of our treatment programs are personalized for each man and based on detailed testing of all relevant hormone levels. To find out if you could benefit from treatment with sermorelin, GHRP-2, or GHRP-6, please contact us today and make an appointment for testing.

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