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Want to Live Longer? Don’t Act Your Age.

December 26th, 2014

Recent study finds individuals who feel younger than their actual age are more likely to live longer.

When you were a kid, irritated adults were probably telling you to grow up and act your age all the time. Now that you’re the adult, you can feel free to throw this advice out the window. Not only will refusing to accept the limitations of aging make life more enjoyable; recent research suggests it will also help you enjoy a longer life.

This month, a new study appeared on JAMA Internal Medicine’s website that appears to support the wisdom of refusing to feel or act your age. In the study, researchers from University College London analyzed data from a prior aging study done on nearly 6,500 individuals aged 52 and older. Nearly 70 percent of the participants said they felt at least 3 years younger than their actual age, while about 25 percent said they felt their age and the remaining 5 percent said they felt at least a year older than their actual age.

By tracking mortality rates among participants in the 8 years following the initial study, researchers discovered that the individuals who felt older than their real age were 40 percent more likely to have passed away than those who felt younger than their real age. This relationship persisted even after accounting for factors like illness, wealth, education, smoking, drinking, and exercise.

At first researchers worried that ill individuals who were already near death may have skewed the sample. However, the correlation still persisted even after excluding all participants who passed away within a year after being asked about their perceived age.

While more research will be needed to determine exactly why individuals who feel younger than their age seem to live longer, it seems safe to conclude that adopting a youthful, active attitude is beneficial. If nothing else, it can improve quality of life.

Balanced Hormones Can Help

People don’t begin to feel old simply because of a date on a calendar. Instead, we begin to slow down due to hormonal changes that lead to many of the common signs and symptoms of aging. For example, male age-related hormone decline, aka andropause, causes hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, depression, low sex drive, and other symptoms that can make a man feel old regardless of what his actual age may be.

The good news is that Renew Man™ can help you restore your youthful vigor and energy by providing personalized hormone replacement therapy along with guidelines for healthy diet and exercise. So long as you continue the treatment, you can expect to look, feel, and act like a more youthful version of yourself regardless of what the calendar says about your age.

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